Are You a Maker, A Taker or a Faker?

No matter where or what, there are makers, takers and fakers

-Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

makers, takers and fakersFor too long marketers have been, or have been seen as, fakers and takers, not makers.

Television has brought us Mad Men: fakers who create alternate realities, where family life is as wholesome and happy as slides projected from a Kodak carousel and where all the women are buxom blonds in silver shorts, high heels and a Maidenform bra. In their reality, the Mad Men sleep around, drink like fish and ignore their families. This is the marketer as image maker, telling fake stories with little basis in reality.

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The Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's JourneyAs a buyer, would you rather work with a company that focused on their sales cycle or on your buyer’s journey? That’s what I thought.

So why do so many experts and articles focus on aligning content with the sales cycle? See here, here and here.

These are respected experts and companies: Lee Odden of TopRank blog, HubSpot and Jay Bear’s Convince & Convert blog. But I think they’ve got it wrong, particularly when they focus on the overly simplistic awareness/consideration/purchase sales funnel approach. Most buyer’s journeys aren’t so simple, particularly in the B2B space.

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Interview with Frank Days

Frank DaysYesterday I interviewed Frank Days, Vice President of Marketing at Correlsense, and one of the early advocates for Agile Marketing. Frank, along with John Cass, runs the impressive Agile Marketing Podcast blog. For at least three years, maybe four now, they have blogged and podcasted about Agile Marketing, and they were one of my inspirations when I started blogging on the subject.

Frank and I covered a variety of topics, including how to introduce Agile Marketing into organizations, what’s the difference between introducing Agile Marketing into a big company versus a smaller company, how he uses Agile Marketing in his current company, Correlsense, and where Agile Marketing is headed in the future. Frank provides some great insights, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the podcast.

Interview with Frank Days on July 11, 2012

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