Google Design Sprints

Google Design Sprints were originally developed at Google Ventures to help their startups move quickly from problem to idea to prototype to feedback, all in five days time. They can, however, have much broader application, in companies of every size, and in agencies, as they work with clients to iterate on new campaigns.

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Interview with John Mardlin

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to interview John Mardlin of PMRobot. John’s video isn’t very clear (some kind of problem with his camera), but he has some very interesting things to say about how to (and not to) bring Agile Marketing into an organization, and his own experiences using Agile Marketing from his background in formal project management.

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Interview with Julian Brewer

Yesterday I interviewed Julian Brewer, formerly of Barclays Bank and now a freelance digital marketing consultant, about Agile Marketing: how they got started at Barclays, what challenges they ran into, the results they realized, and what the future holds for Agile Marketing. It’s a relatively short video and Julian has some great things to say about his experiences using Agile in their marketing efforts; I hope you enjoy it.


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Elevator Pitch for Agile Marketing

I recently appeared on the Pulse Network’s Market Science Video segment talking about Agile Marketing, and Allan Bonde, their CMO and the host of the Inbound Marketing Summit, asked me to articulate the elevator pitch for Agile Marketing.  It didn’t quite clock in at 60 seconds, but it’s still a pretty concise explanation of Agile Marketing.

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