Getting Started with Agile Marketing

Getting Started with Agile MarketingI often tell my clients who are getting started with Agile Marketing to implement Agile Marketing in an Agile fashion.  In other words, start small and iterate, learning through experimentation and measuring what’s working and what’s not.

Do not try to implement Agile Marketing with a big, six month plan and a complete re-organization.  You don’t know enough at the beginning to do this successfully and the big bang approach is likely to fail. [Read more…]

Agile Marketing Certification

IC Agile Certification for Agile MarketingI’m happy to report that we now have Agile Marketing certification.  We identified this as a need last year at the Sprint One event, and now thanks to the folks at IC Agile, as well as the hard work of Yuval Yeret of Agile Sparks, Andrea Fryrear of Agile Sherpas and yours truly, we have a certification.  It will take a little while before instructors and organizations get accredited, but you should soon see both public and private courses offering Agile Marketing certification later this year.  I know this is something that I’ve heard as a need from many early adopters of Agile Marketing, so I’m very glad to let you know that certification for Agile marketers is here. [Read more…]

Cross-Functional Teams – Part Two

In a previous post, I discussed the need for cross-functional teams and gave a definition of a cross-functional team. In this post, I’ll talk about some best practices in implementing cross-functional teams.

Conditions for Success of Cross-functional teams

There are a number of factors that both the research and my experience suggest can increase the chances of success with cross-functional teams. Some of them are obvious, some less so. [Read more…]

Cross-Functional Teams – Part One

cross-functional teamCross-functional teams are a best practice in Agile software development. Rather than organize by skill-set silos (Writing detailed specifications, writing code, quality assurance) and pass work from one skill-set silo to the next, Agile software developers organize by projects or customer value streams . Rather than pass a project from one skill-set silo to the next, they include people with all of the necessary skills on the team and the team is responsible for the project from beginning to end. [Read more…]

Agile in the Physical World

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Most business interact with customers in both the digital environment (website, social media, digital advertising) and in the physical world (in retail stores, over the telephone, through distribution reps, through outside sales reps).  If you have retail stores, you have to print signage and train retail sales people. If you have a toll free number, whether for service or sales, you have to create scripts and train CSRs and telemarketing staff. If you sell physical products, you need logistics to source and deliver those products in the physical world. [Read more…]