Creating Your First Agile Marketing Backlog

Agile Marketing backlogHow does a team build their first Agile Marketing backlog? In my experience, there are at least three different approaches:

Build a Backlog Using Your Current To Do List

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Shaping the Buyer’s Journey

Last week I attended Martech USA in San Francisco.  Organized by my friend Scott Brinker, Martech showcases marketing technology from over 100 vendors.  I learned a lot, both from wandering the show floor and talking to vendors, as well as from the high quality presentations. Perhaps my favorite presentation of the entire conference occurred early on the second day: David Edelman, global co-leader of McKinsey’s Digital and Marketing & Sales Practices, discussed the Buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, his slides are not available online, but he has written on this topic over at the Harvard Business Review in an article titled “Competing on Customer Journeys“.

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