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Here’s my roundup of the best Agile Marketing articles that were published in October. I solicited nominations through Twitter and Facebook; thanks to those of you who provided nominations.


Eric Sangerma, Agile Marketing, Not a Fad, A Necessity

Scott Brinker, 5 Marketing Mega-Trends

Aaron Ginn, Defining A Growth Hacker: 5 Ways Growth Hackers Changed Marketing

Kirstin Falks, Agile Marketing: An Operating System for Marketers

Mathew Sweezey of Pardot, Agile Marketing: Save Your Sanity

Nick Roshon, Agile SEO – Optimizing in Real-Time

Kat Liendgens, 7 Things to Embrace When Implementing Agile Marketing

Heather Rast, Trim the Fat From Your Online Marketing with Agile Methods

Ellie Mirman of Hubspot, Lean Marketing: How to Run Your Marketing Team Like a Startup

As always, if you have Agile Marketing articles that I might have missed, link to them in the comments.


Jim Ewel

I love marketing. I think it’s one of the most difficult and one of most exciting jobs in any company. My goal with this blog is to evangelize agile marketing and help marketers increase the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function.

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  1. Eric Sangerma

    Great List Jim and thanks again for the mention.

  2. Eric Sangerma

    Great List Jim and thanks again for the mention.

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