Agile Marketing at Social Media Club Seattle

Social Media Club SeattleI attended the monthly meeting of Social Media Club Seattle last night, where the topic was “Agile Marketing: Adapting and Optimizing in Today’s Break-neck Brand World“. This was my first time attending SMC Seattle, and I was pleasantly surprised. Big turnout (my guess would be 120-150 people or so), two free drinks and an interesting panel discussion – no question I’ll be back.

Todd Shimizu of Ants Eye View did a great job moderating the panel, which consisted of Kevin Scott of Cisco, Jonathon Colman of REI, and Greg Meyer of Salesforce.

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Measuring Innovation Metabolism

What I'm Reading: Master Your Metabolism By Ji...
What I'm Reading: Master Your Metabolism By Jillian Michaels (Photo credit: puck90)

I recently came across a concept, described by Dustin Dolginow of Atlas Ventures, called “Product Metabolism“.  Dustin’s insight was that the speed at which startups iterate on their product, their “product metabolism”, should be a key performance indicator (KPI), and startups with a higher product metabolism should realize more success than those with a lower metabolism.  However, he didn’t give any specifics on how to measure metabolism, which got me thinking.

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Agile Business Processes

Cover of "End of Marketing as We Know It&...

I’ve been thinking about a question posted by Rohn Jay Miller over at the Agile Marketing Facebook group. Rohn Jay asked (and answered) “what does it mean for a business process to be agile?”

This is a great question, and one that I’ve been thinking about and blogging about for some time. I’d describe a business process as Agile when it possesses five characteristics, described by the five phrases below:

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Agile vs Agile

Agile Marketing Tools
Photo courtesy Bradley P Johnson

I was struck recently by a comment on the Agile Marketing Facebook group: “Is there any other kind of marketing? I guess I missed out because I never went to work for one of the big old slow agencies. I always worked at small agencies and small companies which had startup mentalities.”

He’s right, of course, and a number of people use the term “Agile Marketing” in this sense – marketing that is fast, flexible, adaptable – including David Meerman Scott in his highly recommended book “Real-Time Marketing and PR“.

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