Organizing an Agile Marketing Team

Agile Marketing orgHow do you organize an Agile marketing team? Is the organization different than that of traditional marketing organizations? I think the answer is yes, it is different, both because of the use of Agile and also because modern marketing is very different from traditional marketing and demands a different organization.  Here are my thoughts:

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Guest Post: Roadmaps for Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing RoadmapAgile marketing owes the world of software development a debt for the origination of agile methodologies.  Agile software development is quite mature and much thought has gone into modifying its processes to suit the needs of individual teams and organizations.

Though Agile Marketing is relatively new, the benefit of showing up late to the game is that agile marketers get to pick and choose the best moves from the players who’ve been at it longer.  That’s how agile marketing has learned from agile development, but there are still more tricks to be learned from the software world.  This post is inspired by Roman Pichler’s excellent article about roadmaps in agile development

The practice of creating a roadmap for software products is well established and is used in both waterfall and agile development to keep the team focused on the long road ahead, and let stakeholders know what to expect.

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How Not to Do Agile Marketing

199747855_6f2219703e_nI’ve been working lately with Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing. If you don’t know Matt, he’s one of the most consistently insightful marketing practitioners around. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, hire him. If you’re not, subscribe to his newsletter, which is full of nuggets of goodness.

We had just finished our first Sprint together at a company I’m now running, and we were conducting our Sprint Review, working our way into planning for our second Sprint. I’ve introduced Matt to Agile Marketing, just as he’s introduced me to some of his techniques, and he made a comment that I found particularly insightful.

We have to be careful that we don’t let all this great activity that we’re getting done because of Agile Marketing lull us into thinking that we’re accomplishing our goals just because we’re moving so much from the Sprint backlog column into the done column.

I think that’s exactly right. The point of Agile Marketing isn’t just to get more done, it’s to get the right things done so that we can hit our goals and ultimately generate more business for the company.

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