Interview with Scott Brinker, Chief Marketing Technologist

I recently sat down with Scott Brinker, one of the founders and CTO of Ion Interactive and the author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, which was recently chosen as the “Best Marketing Operations Blog” by the readers of Marketing Sherpa. Scott is one of my blogging heroes, and someone who was instrumental in making me aware of the possibilities of Agile Marketing.

His post, Ideas for an Agile Marketing Manifesto, was one of the first resources I came across when I began researching Agile Marketing, and it is still one of the best blog posts out there on the subject.

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Story Points or Hours?

Sprint Backlog

Photo credit: CannedTuna

Most Agile Marketing teams use either Scrum or Kanban methods to manage their work. If you use Scrum, you’ll need to use either story points or hours to limit how much work you take on in any given sprint. Which is best for Agile Marketing?

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Agile Marketing and the Goldilocks Principle

GoldilocksWhere is the “Sweet Spot” for Agile Marketing? Startups, Small companies, big companies, agencies? While I think that Agile Marketing can work for companies and agencies of all sizes, the sweet spot can be defined in terms of the [Read more…]

Interview with Marti Konstant

Marti Konstant, the VP of Marketing at Open Kernel Labs, and one of the attendees of SprintZero, interviewed me today for a series that she’s doing on Agile Marketing. We talked about a variety of subjects, including what is Agile Marketing, is it appropriate for agencies, and how it relates to Lean Startup. I hope you enjoy it.

Interview with Frank Days

Frank DaysYesterday I interviewed Frank Days, Vice President of Marketing at Correlsense, and one of the early advocates for Agile Marketing. Frank, along with John Cass, runs the impressive Agile Marketing Podcast blog. For at least three years, maybe four now, they have blogged and podcasted about Agile Marketing, and they were one of my inspirations when I started blogging on the subject.

Frank and I covered a variety of topics, including how to introduce Agile Marketing into organizations, what’s the difference between introducing Agile Marketing into a big company versus a smaller company, how he uses Agile Marketing in his current company, Correlsense, and where Agile Marketing is headed in the future. Frank provides some great insights, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the podcast.

Interview with Frank Days on July 11, 2012