I have created a two-day course designed to get teams up and running on Agile Marketing.  The first day covers basic concepts and walks teams through how they can apply these concepts to a hypothetical company.  The second day helps them create their marketing backlog, hold their first Sprint Planning session, and prepare for their first Sprint.  On the Monday following the training, they begin that first Sprint.

This class is designed as an internal class, taught to a single company.  I come on-site, and I adjust my teaching to your particular company and your particular needs.  I’ve taught this course to many different organizations. to great success.  It is not designed to be a public class, with one or two people from each company, although I have taught it that way at times.

Here is the Agenda:

Day 1 – Theory and practice exercises

What is Agile Marketing? Values, process and benefits

Agile Marketing Methods and Practices – Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban

Epics and User Stories

Writing User Stories – best practices

Writing User Stories – Exercise

Creating and Grooming the Marketing Backlog

Sprint Zero with a hypothetical company, project

Day 2 – Applying Agile Marketing to Your Business

Creating your marketing backlog

User Story Prioritization

Estimating Tasks

High Tempo Testing

Organizing for Agile Marketing

Tools for Agile Marketing

Sustaining Agile Marketing

For pricing information and available dates, please contact me.


  1. Chris Kolar says

    Do you still offer this class? Any near Madison WI?

    • I’m offering Agile marketing certification class in Atlanta July 26-27. After that, we’ll probably offer a class in San Francisco this Fall. You can find classes on

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