How to Structure an Agile Marketing Backlog

Agile Marketing Backlog
Photo courtesy of Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld

Agile Developers structure their product backlogs into stories, epics and themes. Agile Marketers could apply the same approach, but often they do something slightly different. Let’s take a look at three different approaches from HubSpot, MindJet and my own consulting practice to structuring an Agile Marketing Backlog.

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People Trump Process

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Sometimes it seems like Agile is all about the process: Scrum or Kanban or some ad hoc mixture of both. Particularly when you’re first learning about Agile, you can be intrigued or overwhelmed by the¬†vocabulary¬†related to process: sprints, ceremonies, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, daily scrum, burndown charts, user stories, points.

But at SprintZero on Monday, I was struck by both the discussions and by the people involved, of the importance of attitudes, skill sets and trust. Agile isn’t all about the process; People Trump Process.

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