Getting Started with Agile Marketing

Getting started with Agile MarketingWhich kind of activities are best suited for an initial implementation of Agile Marketing? Who do you involve, and when? What are the best practices that are most likely to ensure a successful initial implementation? I get asked these questions, or variants of them, frequently, and I’ll try to answer them in this blog post.
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How to Choose the Right Metrics for Agile Marketing – Part Two

AppsMy last blog post focused on choosing the right metrics for Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) businesses.  I’ll focus this blog post on Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies, as the kinds of metrics that should be measured are quite different.

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How to Choose the Right Metrics for Agile Marketing – Part One

Agile Marketing MetricsAs Agile marketers, we value validated learning over opinions and conventions. Learning is validated by gathering the right metrics to confirm that our marketing is working or not working.  But what are the right metrics?

Like many things in life, the answer is “it depends”.

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Creating Better Customers

Happy CustomerImagine your best customer. They understand your products or services nearly as well, sometimes better, than you do.  They tell other people about how good you are, and they’re always ready to serve as a reference. When you launch a new product, or a new version of your existing product, they’re often the first to adopt, and they provide you with great feedback.

Are these better customers an accident, a happy coincidence of their needs and your products or services, or is it possible to create better customers? I think the latter is true, and here are a few thoughts about how to increase your chances of developing better customers.
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