How to Choose the Right Metrics for Agile Marketing – Part One

Agile Marketing MetricsAs Agile marketers, we value validated learning over opinions and conventions. Learning is validated by gathering the right metrics to confirm that our marketing is working or not working.  But what are the right metrics?

Like many things in life, the answer is “it depends”.

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Creating Better Customers

Happy CustomerImagine your best customer. They understand your products or services nearly as well, sometimes better, than you do.  They tell other people about how good you are, and they’re always ready to serve as a reference. When you launch a new product, or a new version of your existing product, they’re often the first to adopt, and they provide you with great feedback.

Are these better customers an accident, a happy coincidence of their needs and your products or services, or is it possible to create better customers? I think the latter is true, and here are a few thoughts about how to increase your chances of developing better customers.
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The State of Agile Marketing in 2016

Wrike SurveyWrike, the maker of work management tools for marketing and product development teams, has just released a survey of over 800 marketers across all disciplines called The State of Agile Marketing in 2016. It’s a fascinating study which confirms many of my own informal observations over the past six months.

The Good News on Agile Marketing

According to Wrike’s survey data, over 70% of marketing teams are embracing some aspects of Agile Methods. That’s really high awareness and the beginnings of acceptance of Agile Marketing.  Scott Brinker wrote recently that Agile Marketing has “crossed the chasm”. I’m not quite ready to call that crossing, but it does feel like Agile Marketing is starting to go mainstream.

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Shaping the Buyer’s Journey

Last week I attended Martech USA in San Francisco.  Organized by my friend Scott Brinker, Martech showcases marketing technology from over 100 vendors.  I learned a lot, both from wandering the show floor and talking to vendors, as well as from the high quality presentations. Perhaps my favorite presentation of the entire conference occurred early on the second day: David Edelman, global co-leader of McKinsey’s Digital and Marketing & Sales Practices, discussed the Buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, his slides are not available online, but he has written on this topic over at the Harvard Business Review in an article titled “Competing on Customer Journeys“.

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