Agile Marketing – The Best Resources

If you want to learn more about agile marketing, here are some resources you can turn to:

Agile Marketing Blog – Frank Days and John Cass blog and podcast about all things agile.  Their monthly interviews with practitioners of agile marketing are particularly good.

Webinars – Marketbright has several webinars on agile marketing. Although their primary purpose is to promote products, they provide some good material on agile marketing in these webinars.  Marketbright has also written a book called Nurture Marketing for Dummies that covers many techniques for nurturing customers through the sales funnel. This book is available for free (in PDF format) on their web site. [Read more…]

Agile Marketing Manifesto

Photo courtesy of Jared Tarbell

Agile Marketing has not received near the attention given to Agile Development, and  part of the reason for this lack of attention is the absence of a comprehensive statement of the principles of Agile Marketing, agreed upon by a respected group of marketers.

I’m trying to organize a group of people who can get behind an Agile Marketing Manifesto. In the meantime, here are some thoughts about what an Agile Marketing Manifesto might look like. [Read more…]