And if your marketing hasn’t changed with it, then you’re being left behind.

It’s like the party has moved to a different location, and you didn’t get the word.  Slowly, the room gets quieter and quieter. The people who are left . . . let’s just say that many of them are socially challenged. To put it in business terms, fewer and fewer leads are coming in, and the quality of the leads just isn’t what it once was.

Is your marketing ready to respond in real-time to competitive threats? Are customers finding you or are you spending more and more dollars finding them and getting less results? When customers research your company and your products at the Zero Moment of Truth, do they like what they read or are they turning to other options?


If you don’t know or like the answers to any of the questions above, I can help. The changes to marketing brought about by the Internet have generated a variety of different approaches: inbound marketing, real-time marketing, content marketing.  All of these are important. But to get the most out of these techniques, you need to bring them together with what I call Agile Marketing.

Agile Marketing is a new approach to marketing that increases the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function.

Agile marketing resultsAligned – Agile Marketing begins by aligning marketing with the business goals of the organization and with the sales function.


Marketing SprintsSpeed – Agile Marketing proceeds in a series of rapid iterations, measuring the results, ensuring that what works is kept, and what doesn’t work is thrown out. It also sets asides resources to respond rapidly to customers, competition and current events.

Agile marketing resultsResults – In the end, Agile Marketing is all about results. It’s about getting the message out, engaging with prospects and customers, and making a difference in sales and market share.

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