WordPress Plugins I Use And Why

Wordpress pluginsWordPress is infinitely flexible because of its ability to add functionality via Plugins.  Plugins are easy to install, and can instantly add new functions to your site.  Here are the ones I use and why. [Read more…]

Agile Marketing Tools

Agile Marketing Tools

Photo courtesy of Ktow

There are many software tools on the market for managing Agile teams.  Most of them are oriented towards Agile Development teams, but a few are suitable to managing Agile Marketing teams as well.  Here are the ones that I’ve tried.


Trello is my favorite for individual use. It consists of a simple Kanban board, with three columns: To Do, Doing and Done.  Adding a new task is as simple as typing and hitting the return key.  To mark a task complete, you simply drag it over to the Done column.  It also supports multiple boards, teams and some more complex features, but I primarily use if for my To Do list. Trello is a great tool for anyone who wants to manage their To Do lists, not just Agile Marketers. [Read more…]

7 Reasons for Content Marketing, 2 Against Landfill Marketing

Do we really need more marketing like the ad to the left? Don’t give me the excuse “it converts”.  First, I doubt it does.  Second, who cares? Porn sells, but do you really want to create more porn?

I also don’t like the second ad on this page. Do we really need more “stuff”, more conspicuous consumption? Does a phone work any better because it’s gold plated? [Read more…]

What Jetman Can Teach Us About Agile Marketing

With nothing more than a jet engine and a parachute strapped to his back, Yves Rossy, Jetman, flies across the English Channel, above the Grand Canyon and among the Swiss Alps.

What does this have to do with Agile Marketing? As it turns out, quite a bit. [Read more…]

Selling Agile Marketing to the C-Suite

Agile Marketing executiveLet’s say you want to transition your marketing group to use agile marketing principles and methodology – how do you sell the idea to senior executives?

You might ask yourself, is it necessary to sell agile marketing to senior executives? Absolutely!!! Without the support of senior executives, agile marketing becomes just another project management tool, and you’re missing out on at least 50% of the value of the agile marketing approach. [Read more…]