Google Design Sprints

Google Design Sprints were originally developed at Google Ventures to help their startups move quickly from problem to idea to prototype to feedback, all in five days time. They can, however, have much broader application, in companies of every size, and in agencies, as they work with clients to iterate on new campaigns.

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Marketing 2022: The Future of Marketing is Agile

Future of marketingMarketing is broken. As explained in my previous post Do We Need an Agile Marketing Manifesto?, marketers are stressed out and sometimes dysfunctional because of the speed of change, fractured and disrupted channels of communication, customer control of the buying process, balkanized and under-utilized marketing intelligence and limited resources.

Some of us think Agile Marketing is the answer (or at least part of the answer).

If Agile Marketing achieved widespread adoption, what would marketing look like in the year 2022? If the future of marketing is Agile, how is that vision compelling enough to justify adoption of Agile Marketing?

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Interview with Marti Konstant

Marti Konstant, the VP of Marketing at Open Kernel Labs, and one of the attendees of SprintZero, interviewed me today for a series that she’s doing on Agile Marketing. We talked about a variety of subjects, including what is Agile Marketing, is it appropriate for agencies, and how it relates to Lean Startup. I hope you enjoy it.

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