Portfolio Kanban

portfolio kanbanPortfolio Kanban is an under-utilized tool to ensure alignment with key corporate strategies and to communicate marketing’s alignment with and progress on those key corporate strategies. Regardless of whether you practice Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban, Portfolio Kanban can be used as a visual tool to keep the team on track and to communicate important progress. Let’s take a look at the What, Why and How of Portfolio Kanban.

What is Portfolio Kanban?

Portfolio Kanban uses a hierarchy of  Kanban boards to allow individuals and teams to visualize multiple projects and tasks and how those projects and tasks fit into the company’s core strategies and major programs. For executives, it can show at a glance the status of various programs and projects, and where things stand in terms of execution and deliverables. Portfolio Kanban can replace status reports and status meetings, saving the team time and providing management an up-to-date view of critical projects without the delays and overhead associated with other methods of reporting. [Read more…]

Creating Your First Agile Marketing Backlog

Agile Marketing backlogHow does a team build their first Agile Marketing backlog? In my experience, there are at least three different approaches:

Build a Backlog Using Your Current To Do List

[Read more…]

Kanban for Agile Marketing

Kanban Agile MarketingIn the past, I’ve used and taught Scrum in preference to Kanban for Agile Marketing.  Sure, I’ve admitted that you could use Kanban for a few applications, and sure, I’ve used a Kanban board, but as I’ve come to understand, that’s not the same thing as practicing Kanban as a methodology. Recently, I’ve learned a lot more about Kanban thanks to a couple of excellent books (more about that below) and exposure to a new generation of Kanban tools, particularly Kanbanize and LeanKit.

As a result, I teach Kanban before I teach Scrum in my classes, and in many cases I recommend Kanban for Agile Marketing. [Read more…]