Fred Willson’s Musings of a VC blog – Fred is one of the most widely read VCs and there is a reason for that. I follow Fred primarily because he’s so on top of every technological trend and meme out there. He’s the quintessential connector of ideas (and probably of people, although I don’t know him personally).

Brad Feld’s blog – Brad Feld is one of the founders of the Foundry Group (a VC firm out of Boulder, CO) and of the TechStars incubator, which was just rated the number one incubator for entrepreneurs in the country.

Steve Blank – Steve is a serial entrepreneur, author of “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” and the progenitor of the Customer Development Methodology.

Sean Ellis Startup Marketing – Sean is one of the best writers around about marketing in a startup.

Seth Godin’s blog – Love him or hate him, you have to pay attention to him.

Dave McClure’s 500 Hats blog – Dave is the creator of “Startup Metrics for Pirates”, one of my favorite presentations on how to measure marketing success.

Rob Cottingham’s Noise to Signal blogGreat cartoons and insight into social media.

Chris Garrett – I’ve taken Chris Garrett’s Authority Blogging course and learned a ton.  He’s humble, sincere and very smart about the business of blogging. You can also learn a lot about marketing from him.

The Big Picture – OK, nothing to do with marketing, agile or otherwise, but this is the blog that I read every day. Barry Ritholtz is smart, irreverent and prolific.


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