Marketing 2022: The Future of Marketing is Agile

Future of marketingMarketing is broken. As explained in my previous post Do We Need an Agile Marketing Manifesto?, marketers are stressed out and sometimes dysfunctional because of the speed of change, fractured and disrupted channels of communication, customer control of the buying process, balkanized and under-utilized marketing intelligence and limited resources.

Some of us think Agile Marketing is the answer (or at least part of the answer).

If Agile Marketing achieved widespread adoption, what would marketing look like in the year 2022? If the future of marketing is Agile, how is that vision compelling enough to justify adoption of Agile Marketing?

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The Buyer’s Journey Part Two

Buyer's journeyIn Part One of The Buyer’s Journey, I talked about the importance of aligning your content not with the sales cycle, but with your unique buyers and their buyer’s journey. Here, in part two, I’ll cover the later stages of the B2B buyer’s journey, including Trial, Social Vetting, Building Internal Support for your specific solution, Negotiation & Commitment, Onboarding and Implementation, Community and Referral/Upsell.

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The Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's JourneyAs a buyer, would you rather work with a company that focused on their sales cycle or on your buyer’s journey? That’s what I thought.

So why do so many experts and articles focus on aligning content with the sales cycle? See here, here and here.

These are respected experts and companies: Lee Odden of TopRank blog, HubSpot and Jay Bear’s Convince & Convert blog. But I think they’ve got it wrong, particularly when they focus on the overly simplistic awareness/consideration/purchase sales funnel approach. Most buyer’s journeys aren’t so simple, particularly in the B2B space.

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Why Agile Marketing Resonates

Agile Marketing Speed

Image courtesy of Ernest Viernest

When I speak to audiences about Agile Marketing, it resonates. There is a hunger for a solution to what Rohn Jay Miller calls “the dysfunctional room that marketing lives in”.

I think there is no question that marketing has gone through more change in the last 3-5 years than at any time in the last 50 years. And many marketers are looking for something to help them cope with these changes.

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Agile Marketing and the U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team

Agile Marketing and GymnasticsLike many of you I’m sure, I’ve been watching the Olympic Games this week. I was particularly fascinated by the U.S. Women’s Olympic team, which won the Gold Medal.

What lessons can we learn from these five young women?

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