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    Jim Ewel

    Hey Jim,

    I’m really interested to understand:
    1. Using experiments and not going ‘all-in’ before having data to backup the decision to progress
    2. How agile planning works in the marketing context

    Thanks – really looking forward to reading it

    Kind regards,


    Jim Ewel


    Thanks for the feedback.

    For question 1, I have an entire chapter on using experiments which I call Validated Learning. The point is to gather the data to make the decision, as well as to improve the conversion rate over time.

    For question 2, I need to clarify what you’re looking for: Do you mean how do you write marketing plans if you’re practicing Agile marketing (I cover this in the book) or do you mean how do you plan in the usual three-legged stool approach of scope, time and budget? I cover this latter question somewhat, although not in depth and not in any one place in the book, but scattered. I’ll have to think about that and whether it makes sense to add a few paragraphs to bring it all together.

    Take care,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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