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    Jim Ewel

    How do you define ‘MVP’ for a marketing campaign?! There is no such thing as a partial launch as far as my experience goes. I.e. if you’re launching a time sensitive contest, it’s either live and fully functioning. Or not. No MVP opportunities for many of the types of marketing campaigns that crossed my career path.


    Jim Ewel


    Thanks for the feedback.

    There are many ways that teams I’ve trained have created promotions in stages, sometimes deploying them in stages, and sometimes just creating them in stages and launching them once. For example:
    One team I worked with started with hand drawn, black and white, visuals which they iterated on to get the concept approved before they moved on to color and full copy finished digital products. This saved lots of rework.
    Another team in a large multi-national typically tests out new promotions, including contests, in small geographies before they go national or international.
    Of course lots of teams do A/B and multi-variate testing to present different promotions to different people until they land on something that has the highest conversion rate.

    I cover all these in my book.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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