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    Jim Ewel

    Hey Jim,

    I think the top two challenges about agile marketing is really understanding what Agile Marketing in practicality truly means. What are the mindsets and response processes that needs to be in place?

    Second challenge about Agile Marketing is that Agile Marketing is not just about adopting working frameworks and methods but instead it’s a mindset, hence how can an individual advocate for an Agile Marketing mindset that can ripple across their immediate team and then the wider marketing function, which eventually spills over to the wider organization?

    Looking forward to your upcoming publishing! Thanks.



    Jim Ewel


    You’re spot on.

    After the introduction, the next two big parts of the book are aligned with your challenges: the first section is about what is Agile marketing and how do you implement it. What processes need to be in place, how do you organize for it, how do you work with the rest of the organization, etc.

    The second big section is about the beliefs and behaviors that need to change in order to be really successful in Agile. You can have all the processes in place, but if you don’t change certain mindsets, you’ll never be truly Agile.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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