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    Jim Ewel

    Hi Jim

    There‘s „only“ one thing I‘d like to see: What does agile marketing mean for organizations that don’t have a tangible “product” in the usual sense? I’m working in communications and for us the time frames are a lot shorter from the idea to the launch. Say, we want to develop a new tactic/asset like a 8 seconds movie teaser for social media. I has to be done in a week. Or we have to develop a series of posts. In general, for services/functional departments like communications, strategy, HR etc. what can we learn from agile methods?

    Cheers, Bernardo

    Jim Ewel


    Thanks for the feedback.

    I cover this challenge in the book in a section on responding to either brand damaging events or short, fleeting opportunities. I suggest that you need a special team and special structures to handle these short time-frame threats and opportunities. The team has to have people with all the skill sets necessary (writers, videographers, social media experts in your example), and they have to have pre-defined structures for getting the approvals necessary. I argue for shortening the approval chain, having no more than 2 levels of approval, and 1 if possible. In my experience, getting approvals, and the rework required if many people are involved in the approval process, leads to delays.

    The other way that Agile can help, and I cover this in the chapter on Kanban, is defining the process and the process policies for handling these kinds of communications. This improves the handoffs between people (or departments if you’re not using a cross-functional team) and it ensures quality by pre-defining the rules for a quality response. It also requires that you measure cycle-time, i.e. the time that it takes to produce something like your 8 sec teaser, and that you improve on cycle-time over time.

    I hope that helps. Good question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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