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    Jim Ewel

    In our organization, agile marketing teams were challenged and mostly replaced by growth marketing or growth hacking teams. What’s the core difference between these teams?

    Teams easily drop agile to go about their old ways. How can one cement the agile core principles so that they would stick?

    Jim Ewel

    Great questions Antti,

    I see the difference as one of scope: Agile marketing is broader than growth hacking. Agile marketing is focused on making marketing more effective; growth hacking is focused on growth, particularly in startups or new product lines.

    I refer to growth marketing or growth hacking as validated learning, and it’s a very important part of marketing, but far from the only part. Particularly in large organizations, there may be teams that are focused on cash-cow product lines that still need marketing support, while other teams are focused on new product lines where they are still trying to figure out how to market and sell them (growth hacking). I recommend a portfolio approach, investing different percentages in these different groups.

    I have an entire chapter about how to sustain Agile marketing and in particular, how to build it into the culture. It’s not only that teams go back to old ways, but also, at least in my experience, that the middle manager or leader who championed Agile leaves and a new manager comes in who hates Agile, mostly because they don’t understand it. I have some suggestions on how to handle this.

    Take care,


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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