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    Jim Ewel

    Hello Dear Jim
    Hope you are fine .
    I read your email and I have some points regarding my experience in Agile Marketing training .
    1. As I see in many teams , most ( or all ) of them have mind set problem with Agile and Agile Marketing . It is depends on to their psychological behaviors and change management on their minds and brains is compulsory .

    2. Regarding the traditional management approaches , all of staffs like to obey traditional systems and hierarchy . But as the Agile manifesto and Scrum framework the teams are flat and there is no boss , manager , staff and …. . I don’t know how we can destroy these kind of approaches .

    Hope these points help you .

    Best Regards
    Aidin Afshar

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    Jim Ewel


    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve seen this as well, and I devote about one-third of the book to what I call the Four Shifts, which are shifts in beliefs and behaviors, without which, you can’t truly be Agile. I also have a couple of exercises that are important for change management, one called Find Your Why and the other called The Poster Exercise.

    On the 2nd question, one of the four shifts is a shift from Top Down Decision making to de-centralized decision making. I go into depth about how this works and why it’s important. I also talk about how Agile changes the role of the manager/leader, and the alternatives for how managers/leaders provide value.

    Lastly, I have a lot of material on why companies should adopt cross-functional teams, which are, as you note, self-managing, and what that means for management.

    Take care and thanks again,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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