For assignments coaching teams, I generally take one or more of three approaches:

  • Training – either I provide my standard training or create a custom training using many of the same modules used in my standard training with a few custom modules
  • Q&A driven – I meet with the team for 30-60 minutes, usually over Zoom, and answer questions based on my extensive experience with many other teams. Sometimes the team asks me in advance to prepare a presentation on a particular topic, but if so, I generally limit this presentation to 10-15 minutes. I prefer interactive coaching.
  • Observation followed by Recommendations – Sometimes I will attend a team’s Sprint planning, daily standup, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective or similar meetings as an observer. After, I will make recommendations in regards to how the team can improve and make these meetings more effective.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule some coaching sessions, please contact me.