Case Studies in Agile Marketing

I get asked quite often “Are there any case studies of companies adopting Agile Marketing?”

I’ve maintained an informal list for years, but never published it.  So here you go: this is my list of companies that I’m aware of that are practicing Agile Marketing.  If you know of other companies, particularly if they have spoken publicly about their experiences with Agile Marketing, please let me know through the comments or through the contact page. [Read more…]

The Cadence of Agile Marketing

MetronomeI believe that one of the under-appreciated aspects of Agile Marketing, particularly for those teams that practice Scrum, is the value of cadence. Let me explain. [Read more…]

Teaching Agile Marketing in Russia

Agile Marketing RussiaI just returned last night from Moscow, where Roland Smart and I taught Agile Marketing to 19 students.  It was a fantastic experience and one that says a lot about the thirst for knowledge of Agile Marketing, not only in Russia, but around the world. [Read more…]

Getting Started with Agile Marketing

Getting started with Agile MarketingWhich kind of activities are best suited for an initial implementation of Agile Marketing? Who do you involve, and when? What are the best practices that are most likely to ensure a successful initial implementation? I get asked these questions, or variants of them, frequently, and I’ll try to answer them in this blog post.
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How to Choose the Right Metrics for Agile Marketing – Part Two

AppsMy last blog post focused on choosing the right metrics for Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) businesses.  I’ll focus this blog post on Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies, as the kinds of metrics that should be measured are quite different.

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