Interview with Caroline McClelland

Caroline McClellandI recently had the chance to interview Caroline McClelland, who has practiced Agile Marketing since 2009, both with her previous company HoundDog Technology Ltd and now in her current position as Digital Account Manager at Waracle, a mobile application developer based out of the U.K.  Here are my questions and her answers.

When did you get started with Agile Marketing, and what were your motivations at the time?

Making that initial move to agile marketing was an easy decision back in 2009. As a Marketing Manager for a start-up technology company (HoundDog Technology Ltd) I could already see the success of the Development team. When one of our Software Developer friends taught our Marketing team the ins and outs of an agile process – we were onto a winner. Never before, had I been part of such a focused team. Marketing adopted the scrum method of agile marketing. Team work was confined to two-week sprints allowing us to experiment with new marketing techniques. All creative ideas were added to a future backlog, completed projects were reviewed and we continually improved performance. It was like night and day. Suddenly, instead of just acting out our own roles, we were a team in every sense – we were all committed to the same goals, we had a sense of purpose, great communication – those daily stand-ups added more value than you could imagine, we became more creative and our Marketing Director was overwhelmed at the speed at which we regularly completed tasks. [Read more…]

Creating Your Initial Marketing Backlog

Marketing backlogIf you are just getting started with Agile Marketing, it can be quite intimidating to generate your initial Marketing Backlog. When I teach Agile Marketing, I walk teams through a number of exercises to generate the initial marketing backlog.  Here are five exercises to get you started:

8 Ideas in 8 Minutes

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Agile Marketing Workshop Version 2

Agile Marketing Workshop 2.0 now available for groups of 5-20 people.  See calendar below for availability in February and March.  Email me at for more information or to schedule a workshop at your organization.

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3 Stages of Agile Marketing

The Agile OrganizationIn helping a number of teams adopt Agile Marketing and observing many others, I’ve come to conclude that there are at least three stages or approaches to Agile Marketing.  They’re not necessarily sequential. I have listed them in what I consider an order of difficulty, from most straightforward to most difficult, and in order of the potential value to the organization when they’re done well.

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Improving Customer Lifetime Value with Agile Marketing

Customer Lifetime Value by SegmentCustomer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most important metrics for any company, whether they be in retail, eCommerce, SAAS or a business to business (B2B) market with repeat buyers. But how do you improve Customer Lifetime Value? And how, with the short cycle times of Agile Marketing, can you impact something whose effects are realized over the long time periods when Customer Lifetime Value plays out?
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