Over 8 Saturdays, starting in December of 2020, I’ll be holding a study group for my new book, The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing. For an hour each Saturday,starting at 8 am PST,  I’ll spend approximately 30 minutes talking about the highlights of particular sections of the book, followed by 30 minutes of moderated Q&A.

This study group is free to anyone who purchases a copy of my book, either hardcover or Kindle version, before December 3rd, 2020. To qualify for this free study group, please send a copy of your purchase receipt for the book to jim@agilemarketing.net by midnight Pacific Standard time December 3rd, 2020.

Detailed instructions for participating will be sent out prior to each session. The current schedule for the sessions is as follows:

Session 1, December 5, 2020 – Introductory material including the Foreword, Preface and chapters 1-4.

Session 2, December 12, 2020 – Getting started, The Disciplines of Alignment and Structure, Chapters 5 and 6

Session 3, December 19, 2020 – Discipline 3, process management, Chapters 7-10

Session 4, January 9, 2021 – Discipline 4, validated learning, chapter 11

Session 5, January 16, 2021 – Disciplines 5 and 6, adapting to change and creating remarkable customer experiences, chapters 12-13

Session 6, January 23, 2021 – The Four shifts, Chapters 14-18

Session 7, January 30, 2021 – Building support for Agile Marketing, Chapter 19

Session 8, February 6, 2021 – Agile kickoff and sustaining Agile Marketing, Chapters 20-21

How do you participate and take advantage of this offer?

Step 1 – Buy the book. It may be available at your local bookstore. But if not, you can buy it from almost any online bookseller.

Step 2 – Send a copy of your receipt to jim@agilemarketing.net. Every site is different, but on Amazon, you click on Returns and Orders at the upper right of the home page, then click on invoice for the order, again on the upper right.

I hope you can join us!